digital design ninja
A designer for the modern web, bringing eye-catching and digestible visual designs to a mass audience.
Marketing Design
Marketing Design
Dozens of products, millions of users - designing landing pages to bring them together.
Banner Ads
Banner Ads
Spanning across the internet, the first step in transforming user into consumer.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Foundational design knowledge to work quickly, efficiently, and creatively.

hello, world!

Scott here. I am a creative design professional with specializations in marketing, advertising, and design software with a background in 3d design, game design, flash, and traditional artwork.

As a seasoned graphic designer at Ask Applications, I design top-ranked marketing pages, banner ads, animations and graphics for about 100 digital web products from concept to final creation.

Ranging from weather, sports, maps, web utilities, gaming, and much more, I must design for a broad array of potential users and products.  » Product list

I use banner ads to help steer web traffic to our landing pages. In combination with the landing pages, this yields millions of views and clicks on an annual basis.  » Flash versions

When the opportunity arises, I relish designing for everyday life.

3D artwork has always been a style I enjoy. My background has prepared me for 3D design in a professional setting.

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