Designing for the modern world, bringing eye-catching and digestible visual designs to a mass audience.
Marketing Design
Marketing Design
Dozens of products, millions of users - designing web pages, ads, and flows that bring them together.
Banner Ads
Creating interfaces that excite & are easy to follow. Creating experiences that engage & keep a user coming back.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Foundational design knowledge to work quickly, efficiently, and creatively.

hello, world!

Scott here. I am a creative design professional with specializations in marketing, advertising, UI/UX and design software with a background in design instruction, 3d design, game design, and traditional artwork.

As a Design Lead at Ask Applications, I designed highly impactful marketing pages, UI/UX, banner ads, animations and graphics for over 100 digital web products from concept to final creation.

I've always enjoyed design, and as I shaped my career, I got more into the development side of things. I developed skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to complement my experience and passion for aesthetic design. By the end of my long tenure at Ask Applications, I had become the main liaison between the design and development teams, bridging the gap between what could be imagined and what could be brought to fruition.


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